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The GGZ Gaming Zone Project - Developer Area
Information about developers resources and processes.

If you are new to GGZ and want to know where you can contribute, consult the contributions page. We also try to offer some Google Summer of Code projects for 2008 to extend GGZ's capabilities and use cases. If you are a game developer who is not so much interested in GGZ itself but in using the GGZ libraries for your game, consult the external games development page. There's also a legal stuff page now. And for fans of statistics, we have assembled some nice graphs.

GGZ developers use mailing lists, a bug tracker and a SVN repository for their work. If there are any questions, the ggz-dev mailing list is the right place to ask.
Please see below for some quick links. For a SVN module overview, look here. To inform yourself about the used tools and dependencies, view the tools page. The following pages are organized as subsections of the developer area.

i18n: Internationalization
art: Artwork
tech: Technologies from the GGZ project
libraries: Shared libraries provided by GGZ
protocols: Game protocol description files
ai: Game AI routines and integration of AI players
graveyard: No longer developed in GGZ
lang: GGZ components per language, for enthusiasts
starterpacks: Skeleton game servers and clients
platforms: Target platform information

The developer section of the main documentation page lists all important documentation, which is again listed here (HTML only):
GGZ Design Document
Game Development Guide
Game Protocol Comparison
Library API for libggz (for C developers)
Library API for ggzcore (GGZ core clients)
Library API for ggzmod, pyggzmod and kggzmod (GGZ game clients)
Library API for ggzdmod, ggzdmod++ and kggzdmod (GGZ game servers)
Web Services API for GGZ Community

Gallery of GGZ developers
Who makes GGZ possible? Find out by taking a look at the developer gallery.

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