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AI player and algorithm development
AI players are a standard feature of most GGZ games. Sometimes, they're available on the game client to allow for local games against the computer without depending on a network connection, but in most cases, AI players reside in the game server. Some AIs run as part of the server, while others run as external processes and are only managed by the game server. This page gives an overview about current AI players, their strengths and so on.

AI players in GGZ games
velenaConnectXCwrapper (velena protocol)ConnectX server
gnuchessChessCwrapper (xboard protocol)Chess server
gnushogiShogiPythonwrapper (xboard protocol)GGZBoard Shogi client
gnugoGoPythonwrapper (gtp protocol)GGZBoard Go client
gnugoGoPythonwrapper (gmp protocol)GGZ-Python Go server
ggztttTic-Tac-ToeClibraryTic-Tac-Toe server, RubyToe server
ggzchessChessC, PythonlibraryChess server, GGZBoard Chess client ...
... Grubby (client), Koenig client

All the other games which provide AI players have them included (and hardcoded) internally. The following game clients beside the ones mentioned above support AI players, so that they can be played locally against the computer:
GGZBoard (for Ludo), KTicTacTux, Fyrdman, KCC, Muehle (external perl script), Geekgame
The following game clients provide some dummy AI players mostly based on random decisions so that they at least appear to be playable:
Escape/SDL, Xadrez ChinĂªs, GGZBoard (for ConnectX, Hnefatafl, Checkers, Reversi)

Note that GGZBoard-Ludo is a dummy AI too but it plays really well for it.

Contributing AI players
We'd like to offer good (specialised) AI players to our users. If someone develops an AI, it can for sure be integrated with GGZ. Most of the time, GGZ itself can only offer "just good enough" algorithms for the casual players, but we'd certainly like to see game geeks being attracted as well. The feature of Named Bots makes it possible for players to select against which kind of AI they want to play!

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