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How to contribute
Due to the nature of GGZ, many small and sometimes completely unrelated tasks are waiting to be worked on.

One clear advantage of game project is that having fun can already help a lot, if bugs or bogus game situations are reported to the GGZ bug tracker.

Most of our applications and games are internationalized, as are the web pages. Maintenance and new translations are always needed. Have a look at our internationalization page.

Add multimedia
Graphically, most of our games need improvements. Sounds are currently not used at all. Levels and storylines could be added to some games as well. Go to the artwork page.

Develop plugins
Our chatbot can load plugins dynamically for all sorts of communication. Details can be found in grubby's doc/ directory. The GGZ server uses a well-defined interface for database access, backends for it exist for various formats.

Develop games
The GGZ Game Development Guide and other documents help in how to create new game servers and clients in C, C++, Python and Java, using toolkits such as SDL, KDE/Qt, GNOME/Gtk+ or Swing/AWT. Learn more on the external games starter page.

Hack GGZ
Since the entire GGZ system is open, everything from server enhancements to new programming languages can be discussed on the ggz-dev mailing list.

Running GGZ servers or mirroring web pages and FTP contents are helping the project as well.

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