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External games development
For historic reasons, the term external game refers to a game which is not part of GGZ but does provide (conditional) GGZ support. This page serves as a central resource for adding GGZ support to existing games.

Success stories ;)
There is a lot of effort being put into existing projects so that they can be played on GGZ. Before going into the details, the current list should be kept in mind:
T.E.G.good supportinfo page
Kamikazebasic supportinfo page
Tuxmanunknowninfo page
CGoBan (Go engine)basic supportinfo page
Widelandsalphainfo page
Freelordsalphainfo page
Freecivgood supportinfo page
GNOME Gnibblesbasic supportinfo page
GNOME Iagno (Reversi engine)basic supportinfo page
GNOME Gnect (ConnectX engine)basic supportinfo page
KDE KReversi (Reversi engine)basic supportinfo page
KDE KBattleship basic supportinfo page
KDE KSquares (Dots engine)basic supportinfo page

Of note is that Widelands implements a whole client including game lobby, and CGoBan runs totally unmodified using a helper script binding it to GGZ. Freeciv can experimentally embed ggz-gtk as a widget. The GNOME games (Gnibbles, Iagno, Gnect) all use ggz-gtk. Gnibbles is lacking an AI player! Do not hesitate to speak to GGZ developers to find out which of the above games (or a game from GGZ) is similar to yours.

Important files
As outlined in the GGZ game development guide, the files README.GGZ and ggz.m4 are made available to game authors who wish to provide GGZ support. They might be updated over time.

For people who are totally unfamiliar with GGZ, the user intro as well as the developer intro are a must-read. If you're still not convinced that GGZ support is a plus for your game, read the list of features. Then, it is recommended to start with the conceptual documentation on how a GGZ game module works.

To make the implementation of this model very easy, the ggzmod and ggzdmod library can be used in your game client and server, respectively. For packaging and distribution of the game including GGZ support, as well as some other aspects, the rather complete game development guide is a reliable reference. It explains the file formats, gives some hints etc. The above links should be everything that is needed. For even more information, check out the ggz-docs package, preferably using SVN, to read the old external games HOWTO and the documentation written for the GGZ games Hastings, GGZCards and Tic-Tac-Toe.

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