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GGZ Internationalization
Both the software and the document files (web pages, man pages, HTML docs) adhere to high standards of internationalization. This includes the requirement of gettext as well as per-user languages in multi-user environments such as the web pages or the grubby output.

Translatable texts
A script automatically assembles all texts which are translatable into a catalog. Downloading the potfile catalog is a convenient way of starting a new translation. Webpage translations are easily done by checking out the 'www' module from GGZ SVN and adding files ending in .php.$lang.
Download the potfile catalog!

Note that translations for the modules ggz-client-libs and gtk-client are currently maintained by the GNOME Games project. Other translations might appear through Launchpad. If you plan to translate GGZ, please contact us first to avoid extra work.

The internationalization guidelines are available in the ggz-docs package.
Current version

PO statistics
Statistics are generated daily from po files. No Java property files are currently taken into account.
Module list
communityTOTAL 86de 86
ggz-client-libsTOTAL 83de 83
gnome-clientTOTAL 83de 83
grubbyTOTAL 106de 106fr 40pt_BR 106
gtk-clientTOTAL 272de 288pt_BR 272sv 264es 272
gtk-gamesTOTAL 631de 631
kde-clientTOTAL 523de 530fr 68pt_BR 284es 263
kde-gamesTOTAL 397de 397es 377
pythonTOTAL 68de 67
txt-clientTOTAL 89de 89pt_BR 89
TOTALTOTAL 2338de 2360fr 108pt_BR 751sv 264es 912

HTML statistics
PHP page translations en 193 de 32 pt 7 fr 3

Manpage statistics

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