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Programming in C++
C++ has been the second language which was introduced in GGZ. Its major use can be seen in the KDE games and client packages. In particular, some libraries made it into the official kdegames package. There are however also a couple of game servers written in this language.

There's a starterpack available for programming GGZ games in C++!

Largest shared libraries written in C++
kggzmod/games/netSLOC: 1900Location: kdegames/libkdegames (external)
ggzdmod++SLOC: 700Location: ggzd/ggzdmod++

Largest applications written in C++
kggzSLOC: 6600Location: kde-client/ggz-kde/src
koenigSLOC: 3400Location: kde-games/koenig (C/C++ mix)
ggzapSLOC: 1300Location: kde-client/ggzap
fyrdmanSLOC: 1700Location: kde-games/fyrdman
kdotsSLOC: 1700Location: kde-games/kdots

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