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Programming in C
C has been the very first language in GGZ, and today makes up about 60% of the codebase. The major packages based on C are the GGZ server (including ggzd, ggzdmod and game servers), with more than a third of the code, as well as the Gtk+ client and games, with a similar figure combined. The rest is scattered among ggz-client-libs, the GNOME client, libggz, Grubby, the utilities, the text client and the SDL games. C is also the base language for most of the language bindings. Within GGZ, we use libggz to overcome some of the shortcomings and misdesign of C.

There's a starterpack available for programming GGZ games in C!

Largest shared libraries written in C
ggz-gtk SLOC: 13000 Location: gtk-client/ggz-gtk
ggzcore SLOC: 8600 Location: ggz-client-libs/ggzcore (+ ggzmod-ggz)
libggz SLOC: 4800 Location: libggz/src
ggzdmod SLOC: 1800 Location: ggzd/ggzdmod
ggzmod SLOC: 1100 Location: ggz-client-libs/ggzmod

Largest applications written in C
ggzd SLOC: 13000 Location: ggzd/ggzd
ggzcards server SLOC: 10000 Location: ggzd/game_servers/ggzcards
gnome-client SLOC: 7400 Location: gnome-client/src (R.I.P.)
grubby SLOC: 4600 Location: grubby
ggzcards client SLOC: 4200 Location: gtk-games/ggzcards

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