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GGZ Libraries
4 base libraries are in use throughout GGZ. These are libggz, ggzcore, ggzmod and ggzdmod. Each of those will be presented here and has got a dedicated information page for programmers.

libggz: Making C application development easier
The libggz library is a collection of small utility functions. It consists of the modules easysock (socket creation, reading/writing data and so on), xml (xml helper functions), security (hash calculation functions), lists/stack (for data structures), conf (configuration file handling) and debug (debugging).
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ggzcore: Connecting the user to GGZ
The ggzcore library contains an object-oriented interface which abstracts an online gaming system, based on the objects server, room and game, and some others. It can be used by GGZ core clients to enable player login, chat and game launch. But it can also be used by advanced games which would like to handles these tasks themselves. There are Python and C++ wrappers for ggzcore.
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ggzmod: Game client library
The ggzmod library is used by game clients for initialization, which includes connecting to the game server if not already handled by the core client, event dispatching for joins and leaves of users and spectators, and receiving chat, statistics and player information. Wrappers exist for C++ and Python.
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ggzdmod: Game server library
The ggzdmod library is used by game servers to control the game state (like pregame phase or game continuation), handling of events similar to how ggzmod works, transmitting the game results to the GGZ server and so on. Wrappers exist for C++ and Python.
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In addition to these four, specialised libraries exist for embedding a GGZ core client with chat window into a Gtk+ game (libggzgtk), for encapsulating artificial intelligence routines (libcgc, chess-ai, ttt-ai) and maybe others.

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