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GGZ Library ggzdmod
Game servers can use the ggzdmod library to communicate with the GGZ server.

Interfaces to ggzdmod
ggzdmodLanguage: CLocation: ggzd/ggzdmod/ggzdmod.horiginal implementation
ggzdmod++Language: C++Location: ggzd/ggzdmod++/ggzdmod++.hbased on ggzdmod
kggzdmodLanguage: C++ (Qt)Location: playground/ggz-kde4/kggzdmodbased on ggzdmod
pyggzdmodLanguage: PythonLocation: python/pyggzdmodbased on ggzdmod
ruggzdmodLanguage: Ruby(Location: playground/ggz-ruby/ruggzdmod)based on ggzdmod
jggzdmodLanguage: Java(Location: playground/ggz-java/jggzdmod)original implementation

Similar to how the ggzmod library works for game clients, the ggzdmod library provides a state machine and an event dispatcher. However neither of those are identical. The events include JOIN/LEAVE/SEAT whenever a player or bot joins or leaves or is kicked by the game host, SPECTATOR_JOIN and so on for joining and leaving game spectators, and PLAYER_DATA and SPECTATOR_DATA for input from the game clients. The library offers functions such as counting the number of open or occupied seats on the current game table, transmitting a game result with highscores, rankings or player ratings back to ggzd, registration of a game log (for game continuation) or savegame file, and request methods to change the number of seats, replace players with bots and vice-versa, or boot offending players. The ggzdmod library depends on libggz.

More information
You might want to start with the API documentation. Examples of usage include more or less all game servers which are part of the ggz-server package, but also those which are part of the python package. The communication protocol between ggzdmod and the GGZ server ggzd is standardized in the server-server specification. Recommended documentation includes the Game Modules document and the list of features that GGZ provides, in the GGZ Features document.

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