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GGZ Library libggz
The libggz library wraps many common low-level functions which are often used in C programming.

Interfaces to libggz
libggzLanguage: CLocation: libggz/src/ggz.h

Library configuration and dependencies
OpenSSLoptionalfor network functions with TLS
GnuTLSoptionalfor network functions with TLS
NSSoptionalfor network functions with TLS
GCryptoptionalfor hash creation and validation

There are different groups of functions in libggz. The first such group is memory handling, which offers functions such as ggz_strdup() or ggz_malloc(), which resemble their counterparts from libc but are more convenient to use. For instance, ggz_strdup(NULL) returns NULL instead of crashing, and ggz_malloc() includes a reference counter to be used for debugging in combination with ggz_free(). The second group is configuration file management. A handle is retrieved with ggz_conf_parse(), and is then subsequently used for reading and writing configuration values, including lists. This leads to the group of data structure functions. Not only list creation and traversal, but also stacks and XML helper functions (to be used with an XML library) are included. Another group are debug functions which allow switching on and off debug messages for a certain tag. Another important group for game development are the networking functions, historically known as the easysock library. They permit the creation of server or client sockets, compatible with IPv6, as well as reading and writing basic datatypes such as integers or strings. The last group are security functions, for both cryptographic hash creation and comparison (using the gcrypt library), and for TLS encryption for network channels using either GnuPG, OpenSSL or Netscape Security Services (NSS).

More information
You might want to start with the API documentation. Examples of usage can be found nearly anywhere in the GGZ sources.

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