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Target platforms for GGZ
Over time, four major platforms (and a few minor ones) were defined which should all be enhanced with GGZ technologies. The platforms are the KDE and GNOME desktops, SDL for embedded games and Java for browser games.

KDE platform
The KDE platform packages encompass ggz-kde-client and ggz-kde-games. The KDE project provides GGZ support from KDE 4 on. KDE uses the GNU Autotools for building software in KDE 3, but will switch to CMake in KDE 4. Programming is done in C++. Relevant libraries for games are kggzmod (client) and kggzdmod/ggzdmod++ (server).

GNOME platform
The GNOME platform packages encompass ggz-gtk-client and ggz-gtk-games. The GNOME project also has been providing GGZ support from version 2.18. GNOME uses the GNU Autotools for the build process. Programming is done in C. Relevant libraries for games are ggzmod (client) and ggzdmod (server).

SDL platform
The SDL platform packages encompass ggz-sdl-games and ggz-python. SDL uses GNU autoconf for the build process. For SDL/Python, the Python distutils shall be used instead in the future. Programming is done in C and Python. Relevant libraries for games are ggzmod/pyggzmod (client) and ggzdmod/pyggzdmod (server).

Java platform
The Java platform package is simply ggz-java. Java uses Apache Ant for its build process. Programming is done in Java. All libraries are part of ggz-java and are not installed separately for the time being.

Other platforms
GGZ applications also run on terminals (command-line applications, e.g. ggz-grubby, ggz-utils, ggz-txt-client and ggz-server) and on the web (web applications, e.g. ggz-community). However, while these platforms are very suitable for infrastructure work, little to none game development happens on them.

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