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SVN Repository Structure
GGZ development comprises work in a lot of SVN 'modules' (a terminology derived from the former CVS modules). Those are split due to either dependencies or reverse dependencies, i.e. other modules depending on them. Most of the modules are released as packages.

Module list
libggzBase libraryC
ggzdServer, game servers, ggzdmodC, C++
ggz-client-libsClient libraries: ggzcore, ggzmodC
utilsUtilities: ggzcomm, metaserver, ...C, Ruby
grubbyChatbotC, Perl, ...
txt-clientText core clientC
gtk-clientGtk+ core client, Pidgin pluginC
gtk-gamesGtk+ game clientsC
kde-clientKDE core client and toolsC++
kde-gamesKDE game clientsC++
gnome-clientGNOME core clientCsince 0.0.7
sdl-gamesSDL game clientsCsince 0.0.7
pythonPython library wrappers and gamesPython, Csince 0.0.8
communityWeb application for playersHTML, PHP, Perl, Python, Csince 0.0.10
javaApplet and gamesJavasince 0.0.13
docsDocumentationText, TeXinfo, HTML, DocBook
playgroundWork in progressC, C++, Ruby, Python, ...unreleased
wwwWebpagesHTML, PHPunreleased

Access to the GGZ Repository
Everybody has read access to the repository by using anonymous SVN. Write access requires an account on the server, which is granted to anybody who wants to contribute actively.

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