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GGZ Technology
Beside game development, a lot of extra sources happen to be created in a project such as GGZ. On this page the developer tools are presented. Other game projects can make use of them even when not having integrated GGZ!

Game development libraries
Our libraries are available in C, C++ and Python and cover general networking tasks, multiplayer support for other games and interfacing the login and player system which sits at the heart of GGZ.

Game frameworks
Card games and board game development is a lot easier when using an existing framework to be able to concentrate on the game logic, protocol and AI players. GGZCards and GGZBoard are providing such a framework, respectively. For Java game development, GGZ-Java can integrate games of all genres.

Get Hot New Stuff integration
Sharing levels, themes, savegames or avatars among players has never been easier. With client implementations for SDL and KDE, this framework allows to upload and download data of all kind, including ratings, a download counter and more. Have a look at the official GHNS homepage for more details.

Communication Protocol Compiler (ggzcommgen)
Works like with an IDL compiler, albeit with extended functionality: From a single XML protocol specification, source code is generated automatically for client and/or server, using one out of several available programming languages and socket-level networking toolkits.

Command-line wrappers
There is a wrapper for core client functionality, called ggz-wrapper, which allows external programs like IM clients to launch GGZ games of a certain type. Another wrapper, ggzwrap, transparently forwards game client communication read on/written to stdout, making it suitable for games which communicate this way and enabling the usage of Java clients. For KDE, the graphical equivalent ShadowBridge exists.

The GGZ metaserver is a generic data server with both XML and URI protocol support. It allows for data storage, incremental synchronization, authentication and peer updates.

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