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Tools used in the GGZ development process
The GGZ build system depends on a number of tools. Many of these change over time, and it is often desired to keep an overview of what's going on. By using the ggzprep tool, all the tools and dependencies for hacking on GGZ can be installed at once.

GCC (4.x)
Website, Upgrading

Autoconf (2.59)
Website, Manual (outdated), Upgrading

Automake (1.9.x)
Website, Manual, Upgrading

Libtool (1.5.x)
Website, Manual

Gettext (0.14.x)
Website, Manual (outdated)

Subversion (1.2.x)
Website, Manual

Ant (1.3.6)
Website, Manual

Some more: java compiler, jade, texinfo, texi2html etc.

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